This happened a few years ago with a mature woman divorced about 40 years too late. It was and still a very good friend of my then girlfriend now wife. I ` d always found it very nice and very attractive. About 5 `5, just short hair, plump breasts, small, grabbable nice ass. We `d go, they tend to wear pants and a V -neck sweater with no bra, nipples prominent and knickerless course. Not the slightest hint of a knickerline, especially if they are bent, which means I always had to cross your legs and put my hands in her lap to hide my erection. Need some decorating to do, and I was voluntary. So I showed up at his door with his answers in his usual get up. I could not help me as I lowered my eyes to her breasts, making her nipples under the jersey. I followed her into the kitchen, a good plan offered by the ass. He was unable to make any sign of underwear. 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